Next Class: June 28th & 29th

Friday: 6:30-8:30PM • Sat: 10AM-4PM
8715 St Helens Ave, Vancouver, WA 98664

by Ricky Russ Jr & Armando Gutiérrez

This 2-day class helps individuals:

• See books in a new way
• Formulate their thoughts
• Diminish “writer’s block”
• Write more fluidly
• Create their book(s)
• Distribute with a strategy

Offline Resources

  • The Creative Cells writer’s journal is used to help individual’s keep thoughts and ideas in one place during the course
  • Only One is a guide book that helps individuals discover their unique identity which enables how and why they write

Course includes:

Writer’s Journal

Unique Identity

Guide Book

Offline Resources

Handouts & Trade Books

Online Resources

Links, Websites & Promo Codes


Discussions & Ideas

Additional Questions?


Friday Night: Introduction
2 Hours

Armando: What to Expect

15 Minutes

Armando's Introduction

30 Minutes

Ricky's Introduction

45 Minutes


30 Minutes

2-Day Class Cost:


Independently Funded

Creative Cells is independently funded by multiple supporters.

About Armando:

Armando Gutiérrez was educated in Colombia and the United States. He is the executive director of All in Spanish, LLC, a private company.

All in Spanish provides services in cultural competence education, interpretation, translation, voice over narration, human resource consulting and second language acquisition instruction.

As seminar leader, he draws upon his education and experience in biblical translation, pastoral counseling, international business, personnel management and public relations to guide seminar participants in developing a comprehensive non-compartmentalized worldview.


  • Pastor Jared Roth
  • Chris Overstreet
  • Chief Don Johnson
  • Pastor Doug Fairrington
  • Jim White
  • David Marks

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